Introducing Atlantis ILIO USX

Deploy up to 5x more VMs on your existing storage,
while boosting VM performance

High-Performance Persistent
VDI Powered by NetApp and
Atlantis ILIO

500,000+ Atlantis Computing Reaches
License Milestone

Over 500,000 ILIO Seats at over 400 Customers Worldwide

Grows by over 100% year/year

Atlantis Computing Inducted
into the JPMorgan Chase
Hall of Innovation.

Optimizing Storage in Your Virtual Datacenter

Atlantis ILIO optimizes how storage is consumed in the virtual datacenter to boost the capacity and performance of any storage platform—IBM, NetApp, HP, Dell, EMC, Pure, and Nimble arrays (disk or flash based) to name a few.

We have over 580,000 virtual machines globally across 100s of mission critical deployments running on almost every storage array or component—over 20 Petabytes of optimized storage.

Our expertise and technology is also key to de-risking any VDI implementation and ensuring your project’s success—regardless of size and with your choice of server, storage, or hypervisor. We scale with your growth, bring automation, cut storage traffic, eliminate racks, cut costs—and deliver a fantastic user experience that drives quick business adoption.

NEW from Atlantis

Products that will transform your enterprise

ILIO USX for Server VMs
In-Memory Software-Defined Storage—Deploy up to 5x more VMs and boost performance.

ILIO Persistent VDI
In-Memory persistent VDI that is cheaper and faster than a PC!

ILIO Diskless VDI
Fully automated deployment of stateless VDI with no storage or SSDs!

ILIO for XenApp
Amazing Virtualized XenApp performance without the storage or SSDs!

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Atlantis ILIO reduces storage up to 90%

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